Fender H.E.R. Signature Stratocaster Released

Anyone who tuned into the 2020 Grammy awards were treated to a live rendition of H.E.R.'s "Sometimes". At the song's exciting apex, the young artist stepped from the piano and equipped a stark black Stratocaster to effortlessly fly through the song's soaring solo like the guitar greats of generations passed. Reminiscent of the soulful storytelling of Alicia Keys and the grand theatrics of Prince, H.E.R.'s virtuosic talents are undeniable.

In a unique collaboration, H.E.R. and Fender have joined forces to craft an instrument that is meant to bring out the best in any player. Today, the Fender H.E.R. Stratocaster comes to form as a never before seen electric guitar that is sure to inspire musicians of all styles.

The H.E.R. Stratocaster is a bold new instrument that only could be crafted with the insight of one of pop music's biggest artists and the expertise of the legendary Fender name. Beginning with an alder body with a Chrome Glow finish, the H.E.R. Stratocaster stands out visually as the double-cutaway profile glimmers and radiates subtly with different colors under light. With a matching colored headstock and multicolored fretboard inlays, the H.E.R. Stratocaster is sure to immediately intrigue the average passerby.

More Than Flashy

Along with the H.E.R. Stratocaster's visually striking presentation, it is designed to bring out the best in any musician with Fender's tonal technology. Three Vintage Noiseless Stratocaster pickups are extremely expressive and responsive, easily sculpting tones that can be soulfully subdued or dramatically dynamic. The Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups can deliver an impressive kick without any unwanted hum for crystal clarity. Matching H.E.R.'s diverse musical catalog, the H.E.R. Stratocaster is readily equipped to take on any musical venture.

Streamlined playability is ensured with high-quality Fender design and hardware. The six-saddle vintage-style synchronized tremolo bridge encourages expressive bends in skyscraping solos or cool chord progressions. A one-piece maple mid-'60s "C"-shape neck feels comfortable and smooth to enhance travel from higher to lower frets while Vintage-Style tuning machines keep intonation stable and precise. Where Fender's great playability is a given as a feature, the unique handling of the H.E.R. Stratocaster makes for an instrument that is easy to pick up and hard to put down.

Exceptionally Authentic

As one of R&B's biggest names today, H.E.R. stands out as an effortlessly cool creative force. With close to a decade's worth of experience, an award-winning body of work, and now a signature Fender Stratocaster, H.E.R.'s creative momentum only grows stronger and shows no signs of slowing down.

In 2016, Gabriella Wilson debuted professionally with the H.E.R. name, a backronym for Having Everything Revealed. Wilson's discography features a collection of vulnerable yet powerful songs that paint a picture of an exceptionally authentic artist with plenty to say. As H.E.R., Wilson speaks her mind and expresses herself, and with her signature Stratocaster, fans can be inspired to do the same.

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