Fender Releases New Acoustic and Tone Master Amps

Fender's legacy with electric guitars extends beyond their mastery of the six strings. Alongside the guitar greats of history stands an equally important component, the Fender amplifier. The unmistakable tones and crystal clarity of Fender amplifiers date back to the earliest incarnations of the models that are world famous today. This tonal tradition has preserved Fender amplifiers for generations, as the refined classics are never to be counted out. While reverent to their most prized designs, Fender is never timid to test new formulas.

Joining the Tone Master line, Fender's new Blonde Deluxe Reverb and Twin Reverb bring new ideas and features for players to explore an experience that is innovative but still distinctly Fender. Along with that, Fender is releasing a refreshed look at acoustic amps that are sure to be true workhorses.

Tone Master Blonde Amps

There has been great investment to bring the Tone Master amplifiers to life, no expense spared. With critical attention paid to capturing the tone and essence of original Fender circuitry, the Twin Reverb's 200-watt digital power amp and the Deluxe Reverb's 100-watt power amp have been crafted to replicate authentic tube circuitry to the last detail. All the output power, tonal character, and distinct nuance of the original Deluxe and Twin Reverb amplifiers have been replicated in the Tone Master Blonde series for players seeking a new avenue for sonic exploration in a tubeless, yet fully authentic, amplifier.

The Tone Master Blonde models feature Celestion Neo Creamback speakers for pristine projection and a 6-way power attenuator switch to roll through notches of the Deluxe Reverb's full 22-watt power and the Twin Reverb's full 85-watt power. These switches allow players to control output in accordance with their venue, from packed venues to apartment bedrooms. Fully realized Fender tone is present with each output power selection to produce Fender tones that cannot be replicated with any similar amplifier, ensuring wherever a player goes, Fender is sure to follow.

Fender Deluxe and Twin Reverb amps would not be complete without their onboard tremolo and reverb effects. Infatuating Fender reverb and tremolo is recreated through convolution-based technology for a voice that is sure to win over effect enthusiasts. Also included using unique effect technology, the Tone Master Blonde models features a dedicated XLR line output and three-way cabinet simulator switch. With an assortment of accurately adjustable features to craft a Reverb voice with pinpoint precision, the Tone Master Blonde models are a force to be reckoned with both tonally and functionally.

New Fender Acoustic Amps

Along with revisions on classic Fender amplifiers, new Fender acoustic amplifiers offer a new scope of acoustic amplification. Three new models feature revolutionary technology with intuitive interfaces and inventive applications for players of any style.

New Acoustic Junior, Acoustic Junior GO, and Acoustic SFX II amplifier models accommodate the drive of musicians prepared to pack up and take the show on the road. High quality Fender design in each model integrates two outputs that are compatible with microphones and instruments. An onboard 3-band EQ and a palette of expressive effects bring acoustic tones to life with options of reverb and modulation while a sixty-second looper puts expressive looping capabilities into the hands of any singer or songwriter. Made for performance, the Fender Acoustic amplifiers are certain to become a staple for any open mic or songwriter showcase.

No stone has been left unturned in Fender's world of innovative amplification. Fender's new Tone Master and Acoustic amplifiers present new possibilities to players looking for accessible entries into the Fender family. With revised philosophies and a look to the future, Fender's new amplification technology blazes a trail for performers everywhere.