Amplifier and electronics repair are outsourced to two businesses depending on the nature of the repair, and the store location where it is dropped off.

All electronics services dropped off at our Hamilton, NJ location are performed by Triple S Electronics, in Bloomfield, NJ. All electronics services dropped off at our Asbury Park location are performed by DWS Technical Services.

ALL WARRANTY SERVICES are performed by Triple S, regardless of location drop off. Most non-guitar amplifier services are also performed by Triple S, regardless of location drop off.

Lead times vary but estimates roughly run 1-2 weeks of amplifier drop off, depending on service pickup schedule. Service lead times are based on diagnosis, approval time and parts availability. Non-functioning items need to be made functional before further stages of repair/service can be estimated.

At this time, we cannot offer any rush/expedited electronics services.

Before submitting an electronics service intake form, we respectfully ask you to troubleshoot the most common culprits in electronics failure

  • Make sure all cables are tightly connected, including speaker cables, power cables, etc.
  • Swap speaker, instrument, and power cables to ensure they are not causing the issue
  • Ensure that all vacuum tubes are properly installed in their sockets
  • Plug non-powering items into a different outlet

If these items do not solve your issue, please feel free to fill out our service intake form and we will reach out to coordinate a drop off. Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding electronics service

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