Adventure Audio Brand Spotlight

As of November 11th 2021, we have learned that Adventure Audio will no longer be producing pedals. Although we had only just begun our partnership, we are sad to hear this news as we thoroughly enjoyed working with Christian and his incredible effects. At the time of this article a few products remain in stock. We wish the Adventure team well in their next endeavors and hopefully our paths cross in the future.

Adventure Audio is a brand without fear. Championing reinvention of classic effects and innovation through new effects, Adventure certainly lives up to their name. The New York-based operation was founded in 2014, propelled by passion for creativity and a knack for musical ingenuity. Pushing the proverbial envelope with their one-of-a-kind releases, Adventure Audio has landed with artists across the country and around the world. Adventure Audio pedals are produced exclusively in-house in Rochester, New York to ensure quality on every level of the craft. With each pedal getting careful attention, the crew at Adventure Audio welcomes the duty of ensuring their creations are up for any task a player could throw at it. It's hard to get adventurous without a little preparation, after all.

Encountering an Adventure Audio creation is exciting from the very beginning. From the host of enticing finishes to the intriguing interfaces, each Adventure pedal is all its own. Though what's best, of course, is what lays underneath the footswitch. Adventure Audio's pedals span a spectrum and make stops with nearly any effect you could think of from overdrives and choruses to fuzzes and modulators. Each pedal is designed with its own unique interface that can be prepped and played from the get-go or tweaked and tinkered indefinitely. Whether you're a grab-and-go, take-to-the-stage player or an inquisitive effects wiz, there's an Adventure pedal for you.

Starting out small for instance, Adventure Audio can offer an analog drive experience with their Juniper overdrive pedal. With its set-and-forget, three-knob set up, Juniper is an easy companion for your next song. From there, the universe only expands. Adventure offers further effect experiences with their Glacial Zenith II, an overdrive and boost combo that experiments with effect order and overdrive clipping structures. If you're in the mood for something more airy or ethereal, Lunge's combined chorus and octave effects invite washes of smooth, glimmering modulation to ebb and flow across your board. Those particularly daring can hook up a Dream Reaper or Outer Rings to see some real groundbreaking modulation at work. Fans of the unpredictable are sure to come across a couple surprises along the way with Dream Reaper's outrageous modulating fuzz tones or Outer Rings' endlessly deep noisy resonations. From unassuming analog overdrives to daring experimental modulators, the Adventure Audio experience presents any player with a tonal tool to scale their next musical Everest, whatever it may be.

The crew at Adventure Audio follows their muse to create the music in the world they wish to see and with their pedals, they seek to share that creative and inspirational vision. Ready, willing, and able, Adventure Audio is always up to the challenge.