Audio Kitchen Brand Spotlight

Coming across an Audio Kitchen creation is sure to spark excitement and inspiration, and according to the folks hand-making these excellent amplifiers, that is exactly what they are meant to do.

Handcrafting world-renowned amplifiers is no small task, yet the team at Audio Kitchen take it on all the same. These powerful custom devices succeed at striking a certain chord with musicians across the globe, as the London-based operation utilizes hand-crafted unique circuitry to produce the amplifiers and pedals that have become world famous. From the UK and beyond, Audio Kitchen's designs have resonated with artists who have become adopters of the brand's signature sounds. UK artists like Ed O'Brien of Radiohead and Noel Gallagher of Oasis have flown the Audio Kitchen flag along with US artists such as Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Peter Buck of R.E.M., to name a few. The brand's universal acclaim ultimately comes down to the sounds, and with some quick looks into a couple key Audio Kitchen creations, the proof is in the proverbial pudding; you've got to check these out.

The Big Trees

One of the most popular devices to the Audio Kitchen name, The Big Trees is a fine example of the brand's innovative thinking at work. The Big Trees is a 2.5 watt valve-powered amplifier head cased within a pedal chassis. Controls for gain, bass, and treble help players dial in on a tone that sounds like no other amplifier, where its Class A power stage keeps tones tight and responsive. Along with controls for line level and speaker output, The Big Trees pushes, peaks, and breaks up in completely new ways.

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The Small Trees

After its launch, the popular all-valve Class A clean boost function of The Big Trees was separated and placed in its own pedal chassis. The popularity of the clean boost from The Big Trees took on a life of its own and is now available as a standalone option with the Audio Kitchen The Small Trees. Based around a single ECC82 tube, The Small Trees provides 16dB of clean boost with a valve line driver to produce its signature sound. The tonal lift provided by The Small Trees has gained a reputation of its own for creating standout DI guitars in the studio, along with compatibility with basses, synths, or samplers.

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The Flying Squirrel

Beyond the amplification possibilities Audio Kitchen offers, grit is another specialty the brand has to its name. A perfect example of the versatility of Audio Kitchen is The Flying Squirrel. Trading off a compact size for an original and unbridled fuzzy experience, the minds at Audio Kitchen encourage players to crank the Flying Squirrel to its limits and let the tone do the talking.

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The team at Audio Kitchen devotes their efforts to crafting original tones to inspire. Working to ensure a one-of-a-kind musical experience while using one of their pedals or amplifiers, the Audio Kitchen sound cannot be found anywhere else. Hand-crafted pedals and amplifiers form the Audio Kitchen lineup, a selection of devices heard globally. Audio Kitchen sets out with each device to make a player's tone all their own with electronics designed to innovate and inspire. The quirky looks and unmatched tones of Audio Kitchen creations are worthy of every bit of excitement from musicians around the world.

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