Spaceman Effects Brand Spotlight

If you’ve ever spent a night stargazing, you might find yourself wondering about the unfathomable size of it all. Whether you’re taking notes from Carl Sagan or David Bowie, chasing monoliths, or going where no man has gone before, space is the place to be.

No one knows the awesomeness of the cosmos better than Spaceman Effects.

Spaceman Effects crafts pedals for the future – a bright future. The Portland, Oregon-based brand’s mission revolves around creating new effect pedal experiences never seen or heard before. With originality as a main tenet of the Spaceman Effects philosophy, the creations you will find bearing the Spaceman name are sure to inspire with their out-of-this-world tones.

Tonally, Spaceman Effects treks into uncharted territory. Every pedal in the Spaceman collection is crafted to create brand new sounds – not clones or copies. Even better, finding a new sound from any Spaceman creation is not a challenge as each pedal is a master its own stellar original effect. Original sounds designed to inspire is the name of the game. Just engage the effect and let yourself soar. It won’t be long before you are an interstellar effect expert yourself.

For adventurous music making, Spaceman Effects opens a sonic spectrum to tonally explore. From drives to modulations, Spaceman Effects has a great sonic arsenal to choose from. Each pedal is ready to rock and take on any astral quest you set a course for. To name a few, the Apollo VII summons a powerful mid-gain overdrive with three clipping modes to push some sonic boundaries – the Artemis keys into groovy and quirky filtered voices – the Sputnik III throws caution to the wind with its germanium diodes and transistors for a mean fuzz. Spaceman Effects offers a galaxy’s worth of tones ready to engage, all you need to do is press the proverbial big red button.

From the earliest stages of design to the absolute end, each Spaceman Effects pedal is hand crafted with the greatest of focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail. Spaceman’s team is composed of musicians, artists, and creators with varied backgrounds in music, making each pedal a labor of love. The name Spaceman carries a deal of responsibility, and it is with great pride that the Portland crew embrace it. One cannot go around with a name like that lightly, and of course, the crew accepts this responsibility to live up to their name. Spaceman Effects pedals are jaw-dropping devices that must be seen to be believed.