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Three More American Dreams 

Taylor Guitars have kicked off 2023 with a three-piece addition to their already impressive American Dream lineup. What started back in 2020 with just a few models has now more than tripled in options to choose from. Named after the shop that the company was founded in, the Taylor American Dream guitars were designed with the goal of producing high quality, US made, all-solid wood instruments while keeping affordability a top priority. The results have spoken for themselves, as these guitars are now some of the most popular acoustics on the market, and for good reason. So, let’s take a look through the brand-new AD11e-SB, AD12e-SB, and AD17e-SB.

Slopes & Sunburst 

It all starts with the Sunburst finish. You’ll find the three new American Dream Sunburst guitars dressed in a magnificent matte Tobacco Sunburst. Just like their relatives within the rest of the line, the finish is ultra-thin, allowing the instrument to breathe while it vibrates, and age gracefully with every time it’s played. Slope-shoulder acoustic guitars and Sunburst finishes go hand-in-hand, and its visibly clear that the American Dreams were well deserving of some burst attention. 

El Cajon Construction 

Let’s talk tonewoods. Sitka spruce is probably the most widely used top on acoustics, as its tonal properties and structural integrity are highly desirable when it comes to guitar construction. Basically, no matter what style of player you are, or what type of music you are playing, Sitka spruce can be trusted to deliver the sounds you’re looking for. Found on all three new American Dream models, the Sitka is paired with walnut back and sides, making for a warm, balanced low end while maintaining well defined mids and highs. Visually, the walnut’s grain stands out in a big way on these instruments, making them even more appealing to the eye. 

When it comes to bracing, Taylor Guitars changed the game as we know when they introduced us to “V-Class” bracing just over a few years ago. Volume, intonation, sustain, and note definition all saw enhancements with this major innovation. The AD12e and AD17e are both V-class guitars, while the AD11e features “C-Class” – a comparable bracing variation to accommodate the significantly compact body shape, allowing for even more low-end projection. The AD11e marks the first Grand Theater shape in the American Dream line. 

Fan Favorite Features 

Part of the idea behind keeping the American Dream lineup more affordable than other professional all-solid wood guitars was to stay on the minimal side of things when it came to aesthetic appointments. You won’t find anything elaborate by any means, however that doesn’t mean that the Sunburst Grand Theater, Grand Concert, and Grand Pacific aren’t worth staring at longingly. In addition to their vintage-looking finish, they have a black/maple/black rosette, black top purfling, Italian acrylic dot inlays, and a firestripe faux tortoiseshell pickguard. One of our shop favorite features are the chamfered edges, that give the burst tops an even more striking visual “pop.” The body’s rounded binding provides the smoothest platform for your forearm to rest along the bout of the guitar, bringing even more comfort to the whole package. 

Taylor American Dream Sunburst Guitars

Everything You Need, and Nothing You Don’t 

Citing the folks at Taylor in reference to the entire American Dream collection, since they said it best – “They have everything you need, and nothing you don’t.” Solid wood guitars built to last lifetimes, with their main focus being sound and playability in the hands of any player. We couldn’t agree with this more, especially now that the Sunburst American Dreams have made their way onto the scene. We did, in fact, need the bursts. And now we have them.  

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