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Reverend Guitar Release Party

Wednesday, November 7th 2018 6:30pm
@ Russo Music Asbury Park

Ken Haas, CEO of Reverend Guitars, and Greg Koch, CEO of Shred are hitting the road to kiss the hands and shake the babies.
Things that will most likely happen include:

  • Conversation about Reverend Guitars
  • Unprompted blues jams in the middle of a sentence
  • 30 second tutorials on chicken pickin'
  • Deep conversation about the neck pickup, followed by a brief mention of "both" pickups
  • A Q&A session that will most likely be the foundation for a tell-all book
  • The unveiling of the latest Russo Music Limited Edition Exclusive Reverend Guit-Fiddle
  • Refreshments for both young and old
  • Someone asking if we sell single strings!! (yes. we do.)