Quality Mini Guitars Make Big Gifts

Whether you're looking for a small-scale guitar for a new player, or something small enough to tuck underneath that tour van seat, there are a ton of options on the market. We take pride in the short-scale guitar collection we curate at Russo Music. All of these instruments are well-made and worth the investment. Nothing worse than a gift that never gets used, which is the fate of most inexpensive and poorly constructed small guitars. If it's not comfortable, the challenge becomes too great and young players often give up through no fault of there own. Get them started right on a quality small scale guitar. 

Scale Length: The distance from the leading edge of the nut to the contact point at the bridge saddle. The playable length of the string.

Full-size guitars most often range from 24.75" to 25.5". These short scale guitars live mostly in the 22" range. 


Squier Mini Stratocaster PinkSquier Mini StratocasterSquier Mini Telecaster

Squier Mini Stratocaster 

The iconic Stratocaster in a bite size package with a 22.75" scale. 3 single-coil pickups and a 5-way switch just like a full-size Strat, but simplified with a single volume and single tone. The recent V2 upgrade moved the jack to the lower bout for stability which helps stand up to the rigors of new guitar player usage. Available in PinkBlack, and Red>SHOP 


Jackson JS 1X Rhoads Minion

Jackson JS 1X Rhoads Minion

For those mini shredders out there, Jackson offers the JS 1X Rhoads Minion. Extreme styling, 2 high-output humbuckers, sharkfin inlays on a 24-fret neck shrunk down to a 2/3 size 22.5" scale. If you're shopping for a mini metal god, this might be the right choice for you! >SHOP 


Yamaha JR1 Yamaha JR2

Yamaha JR1 & JR2 

The Yamaha JR series takes their ultra popular folk series and sizes it down for small players and travelers alike. The JR1 is all laminate woods in a natural finish while the JR2 offers a laminate spruce top with a classic sunburst finish. >SHOP 



Yamaha APXT2 BlackYamaha APXT2 Nautral

Yamaha APXT2 (black and natural) 

The APX series thinline acoustics paired down for short scale live performance. Short-scale acoustic like the JR series, but with electronics for live performance and a cutaway for upper fret access. Available in black and natural>SHOP 


Taylor BT1Taylor BT2

Taylor BT1 and BT2  

All the engineering and ingenuity that made Taylor the biggest name in acoustic guitar, slimmed down for smaller players and those looking for the comfy couch strummer. The BT1 boasts a solid spruce top while the BT2 sports the solid tropical mahogany top. Like all Taylor Guitars, the neck is removable and adjustable making. The end result being some of the most easily maintained instruments on the market. >SHOP 


Fender MA-1 Blue BurstFender MA-1 Matte BlackFender MA-1 Red Burst

Fender MA-1 

The Fender MA Series offer classic finishes and cool colors. Comfy short-scale, small neck profile and solid construction. Available in blue burst, matte black, and red burst. Also available in a classical/nylon-string version. >SHOP 

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