Gibson Releases Generation Collection Guitars

Gibson's tireless drive to reinvent and innovate brings their instruments to great heights. This latest series of innovations comes in the form of the Gibson Generation Collection. Crafted for a new playing experience for the players of today, the Generation Collection introduces exciting never before seen features to the classic Gibson acoustic formula.

Constructed in Gibson's Bozeman, Montana factory, the Generation Collection draws elements from the Gibson Guitars legacy and from modern playing standards. A selection body shapes make the Generation Collection compatible with any player. From the G-00 with its parlor-sized body to the G-200 EC and its J-200 sized body, the Generation Collection spans a spectrum of sizes, though each model is quick to pick up. The classic mid-sized models, the G-45 and G-Writer EC, are equally effortless to play. Across all four models, the Generation Collection makes for a unified series that shares common features such as utile necks, ebony fingerboards, and Sitka spruce body tops. These foundational wood selections make each Generation guitar feel familiar to the next. Each utile neck is held easily in hand for a smooth yet comfortably textured feel.

The starring role of the Generation Collection is played by the Gibson Player Port. This carefully designed sound hole that lands on the bass side of each guitar above the waist, positioned in the direction of the player. The inclusion of this hole, originally conceived by Gibson in the 1960s, is intended to introduce a new tonal experience for the player. The Player Port allows for greater resonance and a closer relationship between the player and the guitar in hand, as now players can experience their acoustic output from a completely new angle – literally and figuratively. Opening up the guitar in such a way allows for closer tonal interaction as the guitarist plays. This is especially notable for the performing guitarist to hear their playing in the way their audiences do. With the performing artist in mind, the G-Writer EC and G-200 EC are equipped with LR Baggs electronics to make seamless transitions from practice to performance.

With all guitars ready for living rooms or concert halls, Gibson's Generation Collection presents a new acoustic experience for Gibson fans everywhere.