2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Feast your eyes on the most important gift guide of the holiday season, not the “What to get that special someone” or “what to get Mom that she doesn’t already have”. How about what to tell your friends and family what you really want so you don’t get stuck with a bunch of socks. Everything on this list is affordable, gift-able, and better than underwear. So, grab this link and email it over to Grandma before she gets creative and ruins your holiday again. 


PS: This also doubles as a great gift guide for that musician in your life! 😜


For All Musicians

For All Musicians


Fender Monterey Bluetooth Speaker

Killer Fender Amp looks combined with top-quality blue tooth sound. Ditch that old boombox and wander around the living room skipping through playlists without getting tangled up in a wire. › SHOP


Fender Newport Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Most portable Bluetooth speakers are worried about resisting water or drop damage and end up sounding like garbage. The Newport is designed to look incredible and sound amazing all while running for up to 12 hours without being plugged into the wall. You can even charge a phone on it twice. Plug it into AC for non-stop usage. › SHOP


Meinl Make Your Own Cajon

Everything you need to build yourself a cajon. Just add some glue, a few small tools, and follow the instructions. At the end, finish it however you like for a one-of-a-kind percussion/conversation piece. › SHOP


Focusrite iTrack Solo Lightning

Connect to your iPad, Mac, or PC with this simple 2-in interface. 1 XLR, 1 Instrument, plug in, and record. Simple, sounds great, and connects quickly on the go. › SHOP 


Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones

Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Please stop mixing your album on those earbuds you bought at the airport bodega for 20 bucks. Sennheiser HD280, great quality with up to 32 dB of outside noise attenuation. › SHOP


Shure SM58

Old faithful, the industry standard, what people mean when they say “Can I have a vocal mic?”. The SM58 is a true staple of live and recorded music. › SHOP


Hercules EZ Clutch Mic Boom Stand

Every time you buy a $15 mic stand, an angel loses their wings. Step it up to a stand that will last years of your constant abuse and late night pack-ups. The EZ clutch is a huge improvement over those old school tension screw collars. › SHOP


Fender MXA1 In-Ear Headphone/Mixer Bundle

There are a lot of in-ear monitors out there to choose from. But what do you do when you get your new glorified ear-buds? You’re going to need a mixer to make it all work. Fender partnered with Presonus to make that simple for you. Everything you need for in ear monitoring in a live situation. › SHOP


For Guitarists

For Guitarists


Gator Transit Bags

Gator is one of the most respected names in the case industry. Their new Transit bags were released at NAMM in January and have been a hit ever since. Beautiful bags in a variety of tweed colors, with just the right array of pockets, and a perfect amount of protection. › SHOP


D’Addario Humidikit - Humiditrak / Humidipak Bundle

‘Tis the season for cracked tops and loose bridges'. Keep your guitar safe this winter with the Humidipak System from D’Addario. Plus keep an eye on it from your phone with the Bluetooth Humiditrak. No more guess work as to the safety of you guitar’s humidity level. Even if you’re downstairs watching TV. › SHOP


New Guitar Strings from D'Addario, Ernie Ball, and Martin

D’Addario Nickel Bronze: The latest in acoustic tone from D’Addario, the Nickel Bronze acoustic strings deliver more of your guitars natural tone. › SHOP

Ernie Ball Paradigm: Strings so strong, we guarantee it! Ernie Ball backs these new strings with a 90 day breakage warranty! › SHOP

Martin Titanium Core: Titanium Core acoustic strings. Stronger than steel with more flexibility and better tuning stability. See what the hype is all about! › SHOP


Fender Mustang GT Amps

Fender supercharges the Mustang Series with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi control. Run the digital modelers from the amp itself or link up the app and switch your settings from your phone. Choose amp models, effects, signal flow and adjust every parameter you could imagine.  From small practice amps to live performance sizes. › SHOP


Vox Amplugs

Get amplifier tone through a set of headphones with the Amplug from Vox. Simulate a variety of guitar and bass amps by plugging directly into your guitar and using with a set of headphones. Stop waking up the neighborhood at 3 am and keep your roommates from stealing your riffs. › SHOP


TC Electronic Polytune Clip

The clip-on headstock tuner revolutionized the world of guitar tuning with fast, vibration-based tuners right on your guitar. TC takes it a step further combining that technology with their Polytune format. A clip on tuner that reads all 6 strings and once and tells you which ones are causing the ruckus. Automatically switches to single string mode when you focus on one string at a time. › SHOP


Hercules Guitar Stands

Hercules is our trusted guitar hanger in the shops and you can have the same locking hooks on your wall at home. They also make some of the best multi stands and single stands in the biz. Stop putting your expensive guitar on that cheap stand. You’re better than that. › SHOP


Music Nomad's “The Dream” Guitar Care Pack

Everything you need to take care of your guitar in one box. Includes Guitar One Polish (2 oz), F-ONE Fretboard Oil (.5 oz), String Fuel Cleaner & Conditioner plus refill, Guitar Humidifier, Nomad Tool, 2 Premium Polishing Cloths, Tune It Lubricant (10cc/10ml), GRIP Peg Winder, Grip Bit Peg Winder Attachment, Frine Fret Polish (1 oz.), Music Nomad Hat. › SHOP

For Effects Pedal Nerds

For Effects Pedal Nerds


Pedaltrain Metro 20 with Tour Case

3 rail design for ultimate space in the smallest foot print. Stop carrying a bag of loose pedals and cables. You’re better than that. › SHOP


Pedaltrain Spark Ultrathin Power Supply

This thing mounts with tension from above in less than a minute with no drilling required. Fits under every Pedaltrain board including the flat ones. 5 ISO outputs with a total of 1300 mA. › SHOP


Voodoo Labs Pedal Power Mondo

If you’re the guy in the band that everyone rolls eyes at when you wheel your board in, then you probably need a Mondo or 2 (or 3). 12 isolated outputs with enough juice for all your high draw Strymon pedals and the like. › SHOP


Stage Trix Pedal Accessories

All of these small solutions make your pedal board more functional and easier to use. Pedal risers, wah fasteners, super strong Velcro and a cool glow in the dark settings saver pen. These are all must haves for pedalboard nerds. › SHOP


For The Drummers

For The Drummers

Tama Multi Tool

Everything a drummer needs to keep his drums in check on one tool. Allen keys, hex sockets, a drum key and a phillips head screwdriver, all in one place! Re-head it, tune it or fix it with the MT9. › SHOP


Tama Tension Watch

Use the tension watch to quickly and precisely tune your drums. Measure head tension at each lug for your favorite tunings or Tama recommended settings. › SHOP


Tune-Bot Studio  

Take drum tuning to a whole new level with the Tune-Bot Studio. Digitally tune each lug. Set each drum at different musical intervals. Remember the tuning on up 5 different kits. › SHOP


Gibralter 6700 Double Bass Pedal

Step it up to double bass this holiday with the Gibralter 6700. Unbelievable feeling double bass under $200! › SHOP


Promark Firegrain sticks 

Promark increases the durability and longevity of hickory with heat tempering. Longer life with the same weight and balance you’re used to thanks to this new process. › SHOP


Low-Volume Drum Solutions

Low-Volume Drum Solutions


Zildjian Low-Volume Cymbal Pack

All the feel you’re used to when you smash the crash with up to 80% lower volume. Practice at home without killing the neighbors or sacrificing the feel and musicality of regular cymbals. › SHOP


Remo Silent Stroke Low-Volume Drum Heads

Low volume drum heads to pair with those low volume cymbals. Take your practice time back and play your acoustic drum kit at home again. These perforated mesh heads minimize sound drastically while still letting you play your acoustic drum kit› SHOP


Vic Firth Sound Isolation Headphones

So you’re trying to play drums along to your favorite records but you just can’t hear yourself over your bone crunching snare hits. Here’s the fix, sound isolation headphones from Vic Firth. Place yourself in a sonic cocoon of mp3 heaven and bash away to your heart’s content. › SHOP


Synthesizers For Everyone

Synthesizers For Everyone

Korg Monologue Monophonic Synthesizer

This small 25 key analog synth is perfect for every scenario from your bedroom to live performance. 2 oscialltors, 1 filter, analog drive and more all in a sturdy chasis. Comes in various colors too. Add some texture to those ideas or build new ideas right inside the box. › SHOP


Korg Volca Portable Synths

Check out the entire line of portable synths from Korg. Different units including FM Synth, Bass, Keys, a beat machine and a sampler. › SHOP


Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

Amazing hand-held synthesizers that can be played separately or linked together for a digital band. Different units do drums, bass, melody and more! › SHOP


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