Introducing Farm Pedals

Farm Pedals has arrived for harvest.

In Casco, Maine, the Hancock family devotes their livelihoods to growing organic vegetables for their community. After years of running a successful farm, Geof Hancock took up building guitar pedals through experimentation and online networking. Before long, Farm Pedals came into fruition.

Farm Pedals is a brand born from passion and ingenuity that produces guitar pedals that are impressively inventive. While only devoting six months of the year to building pedals and his growing brand, Hancock personally produces hundreds of hand-crafted pedals. Originally building clones of his favorite effects, Hancock branched out to explore new territory and craft his own line of pedals.

The resourceful nature of Farm Pedals in crafting unique effects is notable as Hancock takes inspiration from his surroundings. Hammond’s Organs, Hancock’s popular mid-gain overdrive, was designed from a circuit pieced together from parts of a Hammond transistor organ. The Black Flag, a lo-fi drive, was designed from pieces scrapped from a failed fuzz circuit. The wide array of tones produced from Farm Pedals is impressive, as Hancock’s craftsmanship resonates through each design and model. Along with a fondness for the Grateful Dead, there are many reasons to get acquainted with Farm Pedals. The commitment to the craft of pedal building and music making is apparent from the vibe all Farm Pedals effects share and the devotion to crafting a unified family of effects is clear while playing the Subsoiler fuzz or the Fly Agaric phaser.

Farm Pedals begins and ends with Geof Hancock. As a passion project of several years, Farm Pedals could not be without Hancock’s personal touch. Though strictly secondary to the Maine vegetable farm, Farm Pedals and the career of Geof Hancock are inspiring for the do-it-yourself startups of the musical instrument world.

We are happy to bring Farm Pedals on board, as the inventive designs and fine craftsmanship are sure to impress. Check them out now online or in-store!

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