Martin Johnny Cash DX Series Acoustic Released

Martin Guitar has released a new version of the Custom Martin D-35 acoustic guitar in homage to country music legend Johnny Cash.

History of the Martin Johnny Cash Model

In the early 1970s, following two career-defining live albums, At Folsom Prison and At San Quentin, country music legend Johnny Cash sought out a collaboration with the historic American-brand Martin Guitar. After crafting a jet-black, uniquely fashioned instrument, Cash would go on to perform and appear with his personally designed Martin D-35 from the early 1970s to the later years of his life. Frequently seen with the musician, from 70s promotional images to the 2002 music video for the Cash cover, “Hurt”, Cash’s original Martin D-35 has resonated throughout music history.

Martin DX Johnny Cash

Today, Martin Guitar revisits the original collaboration with Cash with the Martin DX Johnny Cash Guitar. The Martin DX Johnny Cash acoustic guitar is a new version in a line of all-black Martin Dreadnought acoustic guitars last released in 2006, made in commemoration of the American music icon.

Designed in collaboration with John Carter Cash and the Cash Foundation, the Martin Johnny Cash is a visually striking guitar, gathering the full essence of the D-35 original. The Dreadnought shaped, high-pressure laminate body is solid and road-ready. As if in an allusion to Cash’s long and storied career, the DX Johnny Cash Guitar and its matte black finish captures both light and dark tones to reflect a lifetime of music.

Uniquely "CASH"

The DX Johnny Cash Acoustic comes embellished with star-shaped fretboard inlays and the “CASH” logo. Designed for any context of playing, Martin Guitar equipped the guitar with Fishman MX electronics and a soft gig bag embroidered with “CASH”, perfect for the traveling country music aficionado.

The DX Johnny Cash Guitar is a worthy call for celebration among fans of Johnny Cash and acoustic enthusiasts alike, where time-honored country traditions meet modern playing innovations to make for an instrument as impressive as the legacy of the Man in Black.

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