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Namm Show 2018 in Real-Time!

Steve Vitale • Posted on 01/26/2018
Namm Show 2018

January 26th 2018

Part 2

NAMM 2018: "Day Two " OR "Volatile combination of musical notes creates major organ function disruption" or "these sounds hurt my insides" OR "Let's go home"
The best part of NAMM Day 2 is always the first hour of the show when most people partied too hard the night before and the hall is almost empty. Someone must have discovered a hangover cure because the floor was jampacked by 11 AM. Some of our days highlights included:

  • Some cool new limited edition finishes for the Phase 90 and Carbon Copy from MXR
  • Finally got a tourist free walk through of the Fender booth including the Parallel Universe series and 60th Anniversary Jazzmasters
  • Cool new offerings from D'Addario including the custom pedalboard power cable kits
  • New offerings from our buds at Reverend Guitars including a Billy Corgan "G Scale" Signature and a new body style with F holes going all the way through the solid body
  • Martin Guitars officially launched the redesigned Standard Series and they're a homerun! (Fingers crossed that we win some lottery guitars Sunday night)
  • Stopped by and said hi to our pals at Chase Bliss, Empress Effects, Fuzzrocious, Hologram (on the way!!), Supro, Fishman, Strymon and a ton of other friends that I can't remember right now over the headache.
1 / 12
Gretsch 135th Anniversary 6118 LImited Edition
2 / 12
Fender 60th Anniversary Jazzmaster Collection
3 / 12
Empress Zoia
4 / 12
Dunlop Pedal Collection
5 / 12
ender American Original Collection
6 / 12
Taylor NAMM Show Exclusive 312ce
7 / 12
Martin John Mayer D-45 Limited
8 / 12
Martin Classical NAMM Show Exclusive
9 / 12
Martin Limited Edition "Purple Martin"
10 / 12
New Dunlop Pedals

January 25th 2018

Part 1

NAMM 2018: Day One OR Record breaking lines and crowds ruin man’s day
Today was charged and exciting on the floor for the first day of this year’s Winter NAMM.Always a great time seeing the people behind some of our favorite brands. The envelope is definitely being pushed this year by the big guys and the little guys alike. Today’s highlights include:

  • the new V Bracing pattern from Taylor Guitars
  • Finally a vertical 2x12 from Orange as well as some cool additions to the terror line
  • Earthquaker devices brought the real coffee to backup the recent release of Westwood
  • Korg offers another sure hit in the synth game with Prologue
  • Fender releases new colors in the American Special series
  • Gretsch celebrates their 135th anniversary with a limited edition 6118 in a stunning new finish
  • If guitar is dead, why did it take me 35 minutes to walk to the Boss booth?
  • Stay tuned for more updates from slap bass heaven.
1 / 12
9-Neck Fender Custom Shop
2 / 12
Taylor Custom Event
3 / 12
Fender Display
4 / 12
Lisa Bella donna
5 / 12
Orange Booth Banner
6 / 12
Souldier Straps
7 / 12
Taylor Namm Exclusive 312
8 / 12
Namm Reveal Colour Theory
9 / 12
Paul Stanley calls your Mom
10 / 12
11 / 12
12 / 12
Jammin' Jon

January 23rd 2018

Namm Show 2018

Stay Tuned as we travel 3000 miles to visit the holy grail of musical instrument playgrounds, the Namm Show in balmy ( compared to NJ ) Anaheim California.  From new guitars to the latest tech, we plan to post all of our favorites right here and on our social channels!