Earthquaker Devices Pedal Updates

Five staple EarthQuaker Devices are getting a little refresh for summer. Some greatest hits are even greater thanks to the never-ending drive that fuels the fine folks at EQD. Take a look at the updates outlined below.
  • Ghost Echo V3 - Upgraded op-amps for better performance and lower noise, stronger reverb signal with 2x the output, recalibrated Dwell control capable of self-oscillations when all the way up, new artwork, and silent relay-based switching
  • Sea Machine V3 - More range added to almost every control from subtle modulation to extreme oscillation, improved circuitry for better performance and lower noise, new artwork, silent relay-based switching
  • Plus: New silent relay-based switching on the Tone Job V2 , Dunes V2 , and theTerminal V2

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