New Fender Artist Series Releases

The Fender Artist Signature Series celebrates musicians. From independent label legends to chart-topping superstars, Fender recognizes the spirit that carries modern music along step by step. With new musicians frequently added to the pantheon of official Fender artists, it is reassuring to see that the creative fire still blazes on after induction. The 2020 lineup of the Artist Signature Series includes new instruments from some familiar faces, certain to excite Fender fans everywhere.

Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic

Celebrating the ten-year anniversary of his initial collaboration with Fender, Tim Armstrong reintroduces an acoustic that is sure to inspire. Frontman of the acclaimed punk band Rancid, Armstrong's Hellcat acoustic is an instrument ready-made for crafting songs of any style. The smaller scaled concert body shape of the Hellcat fits easily into the arms of any songwriter. An impressive low end produced by a solid spruce top keeps tones tight and punchy for crafting punk rock anthems or mellow folk melodies. Moving from practice to performance is seamless with Fishman electronics as the Hellcat is ready for any scenario, and the stark black finish and custom Hellcat inlays stand out on any stage. Perfect for practice and songwriting, the Tim Armstrong Anniversary Hellcat embodies a creative spirit that cannot be contained.

Troy Van Leeuwan Jazzmaster

A multi-instrumentalist who is no stranger to the big stage, Troy Van Leeuwan's hard rock resume includes prominent roles in such bands as A Perfect Circle and Queens of the Stone Age. Already with a popular Artist Signature Jazzmaster to his name, Van Leeuwan revisits the model for a handful of updates. Van Leeuwan's upgrades are designed for enhanced playability and start with a new tone toggle that deviates from traditional Jazzmaster controls. The chrome two-way switch engages the rhythm circuit instead of a traditional Jazzmaster slider switch, making for a playing experience that streamlines in-the-moment tone adjustment. Van Leeuwan's hardware includes two '65 Jazzmaster pickups for an unmistakable Fender tone and an unconventional Mustang bridge that ensures precision in intonation at any point in a performance. An exclusive Copper Age finish shines under stage lights and signals that a dynamic performance is sure to come. Stage ready at a moment's notice, the Troy Van Leeuwan Jazzmaster is an instant eye-catcher.

Brad Paisley Esquire

Country star Brad Paisley's initial collaboration with Fender produced a knockout Telecaster that won the country music world over. Years later, Paisley's affinity for Fender guitars brought him back to craft an instrument that was exceptionally unique, even among other Fenders. Taking inspiration from early Fender models and with a love for the look of single-pickup design, Paisley’s custom Esquire is an impressive creation. Beyond the rugged Road Worn finish and vintage-style hardware, the secret behind the Brad Paisley Esquire is a custom Seymour Duncan neck pickup hidden under the pickguard. The single-pickup visual design proved crucial to Paisley, and, through collaboration with Seymour Duncan, the Esquire plays with a voice that complements traditional Fender single-coil twang. Paisley’s drive toward reinvention landed the Esquire in a place that may have been unimaginable in decades passed, though remaining distinctly Fender.

What the Fender Artist Signature Series represents is that Fender cannot do great work alone. Without the different angle each musician brings to the quality instruments Fender produces, the creative horizon may become limited. No two musicians will see an instrument the same, and with the Artist Signature Series, each canvas is personally colored.