This fall has some really exciting changes in the Fender line-up.  Giving a little more love to the less talked about models, Fender is putting forth these awesome runs and limited editions that have everyone buzzing!

 We are more than pleased to announce the release of the new Fender Offset series guitars. These brand new guitars are inspired by the student model short scale guitars of the 50s and 60s, coupled with modern features like a 9.5" fingerboard radius and hardtail bridges. The short scale, small body, high quality and amazing price make this the perfect guitar for students or the stage.  

 Additionally, Fender has released the final set of the Magnificent 7 Series. This highly limited Jazzmaster features two American Vintage 65 Jazzmaster pickups, simplified controls, and a Bigsby Vibrato. It's American made, affordably priced, and comes with a black G&G hardshell case. Available in Candy Apple Red, Ocean Turquoise, and Olympic White. As always, the set up on these guitars will be dialed in to perfection by our loving techs before they find their forever homes. This is a ton of guitar for the money. 


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