Taylor Guitars Trade In Trade Up Event 2023

Elevate Your Sound: The Taylor Guitars Trade In Trade Up Event at Russo Music

In partnership with Taylor Guitars, Russo Music proudly presents the Taylor Guitars Trade In Trade Up program. From August 15th to October 31st, 2023, we invite you to explore our selection of USA-made Taylor Guitars and discover the exceptional opportunity to trade in and trade up.

Trade In Any Guitar (Acoustic or Electric):

Trade in any guitar, whether acoustic or electric, towards a USA-made Taylor from the American Dream series or higher. Taylor Guitars, celebrating craftsmanship and innovation, will enhance your trade value by $100.

Double Down on USA-Made Trades:

Own a USA-made acoustic or electric guitar? Trade it towards a USA-made Taylor (American Dream series and up), and our collaborative effort with Taylor Guitars will reward you with an additional $200 to your trade value.

Real Examples, Real Value:

  • Example 1: Trade in a guitar made overseas for $200, select a 314ce, and enjoy an additional $100, making the trade $300 in total.
  • Example 2: Trade a USA-made guitar for $800, opt for a 314ce, and score an extra $200, for a total trade value of $1000.

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