Teenage Engineering OP-1 Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Since 2011, this little wonder of a synthesizer has won the musical world over. Today, it celebrates the big 1-0. 

Teenage Engineering's OP-1 portable synthesizer made massive waves upon launch in 2011. As the first synthesizer from the Swedish-based operation, the OP-1 quickly gained popularity and notoriety from musicians, producers, and lovers of synthesized sound worldwide. From the powerful, one-of-a-kind technological setup to the smooth and sleek design to the charming tones you'll find right out of the box, the OP-1 is a special device. 

The OP-1 made a name for itself as a synthesizer that takes on an incredible number of musical tasks. Operating as a synthesizer, sampler, and controller all in one, the OP-1 is an outstanding musical tool in an incredibly compact case. The music that the OP-1 can make knows no bounds as its thirteen internal synthesizer engines offer an awesome and expansive tonal palette to color any musical canvas. Add in onboard sampling, modular control, and MIDI connectivity and you've got yourself an instrument for the ages.

To commemorate the occasion, Teenage Engineering is launching a new anniversary website for the OP-1 which features archived content from its past ten years along with special anniversary merchandise.  Posters, sweatshirts, and mystery boxes are among Teenage Engineering's newest OP-1 offerings.

If you're looking for your own way to get in on the celebration, Teenage Engineering is hosting an official OP-1 beat contest. The contest welcomes users to create a minute-long beat using the OP-1 to be reviewed by a jury of artists Nosaj Thing and TALA. Entries can be posted to any digital platform with the corresponding hashtag, #10YOP1. In addition, beats must be submitted to Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 anniversary website. The beat contest will run from April 14th to May 21st and is open to entrants worldwide.

Topping off this celebration, the OP-1 will feature a special anniversary price at $1,121 in commemoration of the OP-1's ten years of musical greatness, 2011-2021.

It's no exaggeration that the OP-1 can be found in every corner of the musical world. Take a look and you'll find it in the hands of independent musicians, in the studios of world-class producers, and in the halls of the Museum of Modern Art. On its ten-year anniversary, the OP-1 is as awesome as ever with a fan base that spans the globe. There's never been a better time to check out and take part in a musical revolution a decade in the making.

Check out Teenage Engineering and the OP-1 in action: