Winter NAMM Show 2017 Highlights

It was a hectic but fun couple of days out in Anaheim this year. One of our main guys had his first child right before the show so the rest of us pulled double duty. Congrats to Jeff and the family, and our apologies for a late NAMM report. Here are some highlights from the show, minus the constant migraine inducing slap bass.  

Fender Guitars in 2017

Some great new offerings from Fender guitars are on the horizon this year. We're bringing home a beautiful Aged Burgundy Mist '63 Telecaster (see top right photo) from the Fender Custom Shop NAMM Auction. The Limited Edition Exotic Series guitars are definitely going to impress this year. Exotic woods and aged pine and everything in between, more info on that as it develops. Look out for the Limited Noir Series, matte black finishes with matching headcaps and B/R/B 3 ply guards. We also have some other very exciting things in the works with Fender for 2017 so stay tuned! Shop in stock Fender Guitars

Taylor Guitars in 2017

Not quite sure where Taylor keeps finding the inspiration to revolutionize the industry, but the wheels were definitely turning for the new 2017 line.

The new Academy series includes solid top, 15/16 acoustics with an armrest starting at $499 with a gig bag. These Starter level guitars come with some high end Taylor appointments, and have really been designed with keeping a new player interested in mind. These Academy series guitars sit far from the starter guitars of yesteryear that left you frustrated and in pain.

The GS Mini line is expanded to now include a GS Mini Bass, which is easily one of the best acoustic basses on the market. Whats more fun than a short scale acoustic bass with award winning Taylor ES-B electronic technology?

The New 800 Deluxes Series are already trickling in here at the stores as well. A combination of 800 and 900 series magic, Taylor went back to the drawing board to come up with a completely new architechual design that bring the best of both worlds and is more "sonically alive". Keep an ear out for our next Taylor Event in Asbury Park in March where we will unveil all of the new 2017 guitars, and Click Here to see what we have in stock and on the way!

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