Browne Amplification Carbon V2 Overdrive, First Looks

4 Min Read

Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Compact Review

We take a deep dive into the Origin Effects vintage overdrive pedal

New Walrus Audio Melee: Wall Of Noise Pedal Review

Read our take on the New Walrus Audio Melee: Wall of Noise Pedal, the Latest Addition built on a Combination of Distortion &...

Caroline Arigato Phaser Vibrato Review

Philipe and the Caroline Guitar Co. team are truly some of the nicest folks in the biz. What they’ve done with the Arigat...

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Float Dual Filter Review

OBN's Float doubles up on an automated filtering experience!

Electro-Harmonix STRING9 String Ensemble Review

EHX's STRING9 brings an orchestra of orchestras to your board - real and synthesized!

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