Fancy Wolf Effects Scoop & Scream Parallel Gain Machine Review

Scoop, scream, howl – welcome to the wolf pack

Straight from the mind of Joe Parisi, Fancy Wolf Effects bases their creative philosophy around technical innovation and musical inspiration. With these tenets held close, Fancy Wolf Effects works to break the mold and craft pedals to inspire. Among their lineup is the Scoop & Scream Parallel Gain Machine.

High-Octane Tones – Side By Side

The concept behind the Scoop & Scream is simple yet executed brilliantly. Where in the past, overdrive, fuzz, and distortion aficionados had to choose how to order and stack their dirt pedals, the Scoop & Scream presents a remedy to the issue. The Fancy Wolf Effects Scoop & Scream Parallel Gain Machine is exactly that, a pedal for parallels.

Effect order switches on dual-headed effect pedals can be found across some great effect pedals these days. Running one effect into another always offers a wide spectrum of tones unleash, though it leaves the opposite order sidelined. The Scoop & Scream’s finely tuned main attraction bypasses this problem completely. Running in parallel, the fuzz and overdrive effects of the Scoop & Scream effectively can be mixed in new ways for new sounds.

Harmonious Howling

Fuzz and overdrive are the two effects on the Scoop & Scream’s tonal platter. Between Scoop’s ferocious fuzz and Scream’s tube-like overdrive, the pedal is attractive from the get-go. What makes Scoop & Scream exceptional is the parallel effect mixing a player is open to. Each effect is complementary to the other and with no effect order decisions required, the Scoop & Scream is already primed for exciting tones.

Hook up the Scoop & Scream and dial into the pedal’s outstanding mixing capabilities. With both effect circuits being independently adjustable, the tonal horizon is wide open. The Scoop & Scream’s fuzz and overdrive effects can be endlessly tinkered with to find great sonic sweet spots. Independent volume controls allow players to adjust their mixes as needed, even with the capability to silence one effect entirely. Scoop’s fuzz can be pushed to a large, engulfing roar or rolled back for some buzzing undercurrents. Scream’s overdrive can be cranked to get tube-like breakup with articulation and clarity or reeled in for some warm tonal shaping. Gain and tone controls easily work into the equation. In addition to the Scoop & Scream’s basic effect controls, two three-way voice toggles – Chest, Full, and Gut – deepen the effects further by highlighting different frequencies.

Additional functionality the Scoop & Scream carries is a signal splitting function that works via the pedal’s top and side output jacks. With one instrument input, the Scoop & Scream’s discreet outputs can be used to split a signal into two amps or effect chains. This function makes double tracking easy in recording or for simply exploring the Scoop & Scream’s effects more deeply with different setups.

Fancy Wolf Effects Scoop & Scream Parallel Gain Machine Final Thoughts

The specialty effect experience Fancy Wolf offers in this unique pedal makes for great tones and a fun playing experience right off the bat. Hefty fuzz and drive mixes are easily compatible with a wide range of playing styles and the pool of distorted tones possible is endlessly deep for plenty of sonic exploration. Its additional signal splitting capabilities offer players new routes to test their gear and see how it all interacts through the scope of the Scoop & Scream.

Fancy Wolf Effects offers new angles to observe effect interaction with the Scoop & Scream. Distorted effects never seemed so effortlessly compatible.