Stringjoy Foxwoods Acoustic Strings Review

You can’t take on the world without a trusty set of strings

There are few brands out there like Stringjoy. Specializing entirely in the innovation of guitar strings, Stringjoy's tireless effort in developing an ideal set for every player shows in their products. The one-size-fits-all mindset that many might fall into is actively defied by Stringjoy as they inspire players to take a closer look.

Stringjoy's newest creation, Foxwoods strings, builds upon the brand's reputation as an innovator in guitar strings. These newly designed coated phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings land between coated and uncoated strings, where durability and tonality are both crucial in design. But what does this all mean for you and your acoustic guitar?

Stringjoy Foxwoods use the brand's scientific process of string crafting to forge a hybrid string unlike any other. At the crossroads of coated and uncoated strings, Foxwoods offer a new avenue.

Foxwoods feature a specially formulated process that incorporates three important aspects:

  1.  An enamel-coated wrap wire 
  2.  An uncoated core wire 
  3.  An exceptionally tight winding process 

An uncoated string is usually brighter in tone, yet less durable in use – the inverse being true for coated strings. Stringjoy set out with Foxwoods to put their expertly formulated coating and famously tight winding to the test, resulting in a one-of-a-kind string.

Foxwoods are crafted from a combination of an uncoated tinned hexagonal core wire and an enamel-coated wrap wire. Where coated and uncoated core and wrap wires enhance their unique, seemingly mutually exclusive qualities, Foxwoods strike a balance between the two designs.

The tight winding process Stringjoy employs on their strings contested the need for a coated core wire. In theory, if the coated wrap were tight enough, the dirt, grime, and residue naturally left from playing would not reach the uncoated core wire to the same degree, thus creating long-lasting strings with long-lasting brightness.

The playing difference with Foxwoods comes out across the whole fingerboard. Fretting chords is effortless and traveling from lower to higher registers is seamless. Foxwoods are durable and vibrant when strummed and picked to create an overall responsive playing experience with full and blooming tones across the entire fingerboard. Play freely while retaining a comfortable feel across your fingers with bright voices and excellent projection.

Stringjoy Foxwoods Final Thoughts

With Foxwoods, Stringjoy delivers on their innovative ethos yet again. The tight and refined design of Foxwoods makes them excellent choices for any player seeking a balanced playing experience that is sure to last a long time. Longevity in strings is not only technically impressive but very convenient. With Stringjoy’s Foxwoods, your unique acoustic sound will not only shine brighter, but last longer.

Help your strings keep up in your creative process. Inspiration can strike at any time, and no one has ever grabbed their guitar and unironically said “darn it, my strings are just too good.”

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