Snacks 024: Fender Custom Shop 50's Telecaster Thinline Relic, Champagne Sparkle

Fresh out of the Fender Custom Shop comes this 50's Tele Thinline. Coming in well under 6lbs., this is the perfect weapon of choice for those 3 hour country sets behind the chicken wire. Matt shows you that Mesa isn't just for metal anymore with this Express 5:25 and Red Panda provides the Reverb with the all digital Context. Don't hide in the corner, play pink guitars. Also, it's important to mention, that was Matt's first Funyun.

Gear Used

Guitar Fender Custom Shop 50s Telecaster Thinline Relic in Champagne Sparkle
Amp Mesa Boogie Express 5:25
Effects Red Panda Context Reverb
Mics AKG C414

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