Snacks 046: Reverend Warhawk 390 Metallic Red

The coolest designs, the coolest colors, the coolest features and the coolest names. All korina body with a raised center, loaded with 3 custom C90 pickups. Standard Reverend options include locking tuners, boneite nut and that killer bass contour that rolls off the bass as you lower it. Once you get used to that, it's pretty hard to go back. Trust us. On a side note, if my name was Warhawk, I bet things would have turned out differently for me. Maybe I would have had a better time in gym class. Food for thought. Returning to reality, this is a pretty cool little piece by Mike. Starts out kinda surfy/rockabilly end takes some stops in funkytown on the way back to the beach.

Artist: Michael Delgado

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