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Snacks 064: Fender FSR Limited Edition '56 Stratocaster, Roasted Ash

Posted on March 13 2018

"Why roast that ash?" some of you might wonder. Well, improved resonance, sustain, stability, and decreased weight (especially for us 'ol folk) come to mind. Fender threw a '56 Strat concept with a "V" neck, 7.25" radius, and 3 Amercan Vintage pickups in the fire and out came this incredibly unique Factory Special Run. Too hot and dry for you? No problem. Ben's got you covered. Listen as he douses those flames with some delay/reverb with the Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master.

Gear Used

Guitar Fender FSR Limited Edition '56 Stratocaster, Roasted Ash
Amp Supro Statesman Head, Channel 1+2 Class AB
Effects Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master
Mics AKG 414

Artist: Ben Cruz

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