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The latest buzz in guitar effects comes from Los Angeles by Beetronics effects, who are offering some of the most unique voicings in overdrive and fuzz today. Beetronics pedals are made by hand in small batches and feature true bypass switching, Neutrik I/Os, and angled steel enclosures. Each design sports a matte or uniquely worn finish, with custom options also available through the company - making these stompboxes not only some of the best sounding but also best looking on most any pedalboard!

Beetronics Royalty

The Beetronics "Royal" line feature the Buzzter dual mode preamp, and the Royal Jelly - their latest flagship design. The Royal Jelly is a blendable overdrive and fuzz working on a split-channel design. Two fuzz presets are available on tap and share a master volume and EQ section. In the "Standard" series of pedals are the Overhive, Octahive, and WhoctaHell. Overhive is a medium gain overdrive with a wide dynamic palette, Octahive is a medium to high gain fuzz with psychedelic-style octave up capabilities, and the WhoctaHell fuzz circuit features a switchable 8-bit style low octave blend.

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