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DR Strings, established in 1989, brought back the art of hand-made round core string manufacturing to the market. This labor-intensive process requires skill, time, and care, but the company believes the effort is worthwhile due to the discernible difference in sound quality between hand-made and machine-made strings. As a result, DR Strings has secured its place in musical history by setting high standards in string craftsmanship.

Training craftsmen is an essential part of DR Strings' operations. It takes at least six months for winders to learn their trade and develop the instincts needed to make the minute adjustments that only a human hand can achieve. The company meticulously tests and inspects the wire at every stage of production, ensuring the highest quality in their strings.

Proudly made in the USA, DR Strings uses only the finest American materials, from the wire and ball ends to the packaging. When players see the DR logo, they know they are getting top-notch products. DR Strings aims to offer guitarists more than just the feel of fresh strings; they strive to provide an enhanced sonic experience.

The brand has its roots in guitar manufacturing, as Al Dronge, the founder of Guild Guitars, always intended to create a string-making facility. His son, Mark Dronge, applied the lessons he learned from his father to establish DR Strings.

Committed to innovation, DR Strings encourages its team to develop new ideas and designs for unique and different strings. As a result, the company has quietly become one of the most inventive string manufacturers in the industry. DR Strings guarantees that players will hear and feel the difference with their hand-made strings. Catering to a wide range of preferences, the brand listens and understands what musicians are looking for and consistently delivers exceptional products.

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