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Elixir Strings emerged in 1997, not from a guitar workshop, but through an accidental innovation while developing push-pull cables. The initial idea was simple: create a coated string that musicians would love. Despite past failures in the industry, Elixir Strings embarked on a mission to revolutionize guitar strings.

Through extensive lab research, testing, and analysis, Elixir Strings established their benchmark for ideal sonic quality. They invented an abrasion testing device and studied string tones, frequencies, and sustain rates with the help of high-speed photo gear. As a result, the first Elixir String prototypes were born and sent to thousands of musicians for real-world testing.

Elixir Strings now offers a variety of coated strings, including original POLYWEB®, ultra-thin NANOWEB®, and barely-there OPTIWEB® coatings for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. Each coating produces a unique tone while protecting the string surface and gaps between windings from gunk and corrosion. This ensures longer-lasting strings without compromising tone and feel.

Elixir Strings has resonated with musicians globally, as they report their tone lasts longer than any other string, coated or uncoated. Consequently, players buy fewer sets, change them less often, and trust that their guitars are ready to go whenever they are. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, Elixir Strings has solidified its place in musical history as the go-to brand for long-lasting, high-performance guitar strings. So, why not give Elixir Strings a try and experience the magic of their coated strings firsthand?

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