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Eventide Audio, an unconventional brand name for its time, emerged in 1970, determined to make a splash in the world of audio innovation. The company's first creation, a tape search unit for Ampex MM1000 multitrack recorder, paved the way for a line of products that revolutionized the music industry. Eventide's inventive spirit shone through, as they quickly expanded into the realms of digital delay lines, phasers, and pitch change modules.

The brand's entrance into the aviation world was just as groundbreaking. With the introduction of the Eventide Audio Argus series of moving maps, general aviation pilots gained access to technology once reserved for military and commercial aircraft. The Argus line improved pilot safety and situational awareness, a testament to Eventide's commitment to innovation.

Continuing its quest to pioneer new solutions, Eventide developed logging recorders for radio stations, public safety, and customer service calls, offering long-term storage and easy retrieval of conversations. In parallel, the company ventured into the memory business, producing HP-compatible hardware and memory for various computer models.

Driven by the pursuit of realistic digital reverb, Eventide unveiled the legendary SP2016, featuring its renowned "Stereo Room" and other unique programs. Their high-quality effects processors, like the Harmonizer series, have contributed to Eventide's lasting impact on the music industry.

Eventide Audio's remarkable journey, which began with a simple tape search unit, has led to a legacy of cutting-edge products and solutions. The brand's unwavering dedication to innovation and quality has secured its place in musical history, delivering new possibilities and experiences for musicians and audio professionals alike.

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