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Since 2008, Fairfield Circuitry has been a trailblazer in the world of effect pedals, driven by a passion for music and a keen sense of experimentation. The brand's innovative approach to sound has pushed boundaries and allowed musicians to explore new sonic territories, enabling their creativity to flourish.

Fairfield Circuitry's unique connection with the musical and arts communities where it operates has created a feedback loop of ideas and applications, fostering a natural symbiosis that influences its distinctive products. The brand's unassuming pedal designs mask their technical complexity, a testament to the ingenuity of the team behind them.

Operating out of Hull, Québec, Fairfield Circuitry maintains a high standard of quality, thanks to a dedicated team who handcrafts each of their 10 current pedals. The brand's commitment to simplicity and transparency is evident in their products, which are both unique and robust.

In its relatively short history, Fairfield Circuitry has made a significant impact on the music world, providing musicians with innovative tools that allow them to shape and express their creativity. The brand's journey in pushing the limits of sound is a testament to its dedication to exploration and the pursuit of new possibilities.

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