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Cali Acoustics

Fender's acoustic guitar series have a unique style and approach to affordable acoustic instruments. They are loaded with Pacific coast vibe - some bearing a style similar to a beach cruiser and straying from the norm as to what an acoustic guitar looks like. Some models have common electric guitar features, such as a six-in-line headstock and radical finishes. Others feature a natural look, with mahogany bodies and inlays giving off the vibe that the tree the guitar was made from almost became a surfboard in another life.

The Lineup

The new California series features the Newporter and Redondo models, which feature Strat-style headstocks and electronics. The spruce/mahogany or all mahogany Paramount series are shipped in hardshell cases – a feature hard to find in a guitar in its price range. The signature Hellcat – made for Tim Armstrong of Rancid – continues to inspire new riffs and stripped-down songwriting. Finally, for the new player or gigging musician, the Classic Design series offers a traditional acoustic style – with or without a cutaway – and Fender playability and construction.

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