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More about Fishman

Fishman has been a trailblazer in the music industry for over 40 years, passionately committed to delivering the truest sound for musicians across all styles. Recognized as a frontrunner in pickups for acoustic and electric instruments, amplification, tone shaping, and MIDI guitar, Fishman has become an essential partner to countless musicians worldwide.

Their unwavering dedication to quality and sound has fostered loyalty among an extensive family of players, technicians, repair professionals, and instrument manufacturers. Fishman continues to strive for excellence, ensuring that musicians always sound their best.

From intimate venues to the grandest stages, Fishman products are trusted and played by musicians everywhere. The brand takes pride in being part of the creative process of countless artists, providing them with tools that inspire and elevate their performances.

Fishman's core values - inspiration, performance, and technology - have guided them since their inception. They are driven by their love for music and the desire to create innovative tools for musicians. The brand is always pushing the envelope, developing functional, affordable, robust, and repeatable technologies that cater to the unique needs of musicians.

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