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For 30 years, Lindy Fralin has been an innovative force in the guitar and bass pickup industry. With Fralin Pickups found in the instruments of numerous renowned guitarists, the brand has left an indelible mark on the world of music. Beginning as a one-man operation in Richmond, Virginia, Lindy's passion for tone and craftsmanship propelled him to study the intricacies of vintage pickups and uncover their "magic."

Now, Fralin Pickups is a full-fledged manufacturing shop, boasting an extensive product line that includes prewired pickguards and Telecaster control plates. Despite its growth, Fralin Pickups remains a humble, tight-knit team of 11, dedicated to producing top-quality, hand-wound pickups. By using only the finest materials sourced from the United States, Fralin Pickups ensures that each product lives up to the brand's high standards.

Lindy's designs are driven by a simple yet powerful question: "How do I make this pickup sound better?" This inquisitive approach has led to the creation of more than ten unique pickup designs, covering a diverse range of styles and sounds. From the innovative Split Blades and Hum-Cancelling P-90s to the versatile Twangmaster and Big Single, Fralin Pickups caters to every musician's taste.

Fralin Pickups' commitment to quality is evident in their choice of materials, with over 95% of their components being made in the United States. This focus on locally sourced, environmentally conscious production sets the brand apart in the industry. Additionally, their use of the highest quality wax available ensures the longevity and exceptional tone of their pickups.

Fralin Pickups fosters a unique company culture where each team member takes immense pride in their work, and many are musicians themselves. With a focus on quality over quantity, they hand-wind and hand-build each pickup to deliver a superior sonic experience. Their dedication to social responsibility and environmental sustainability is apparent in their recycling practices and minimalist packaging.

In the world of guitar and bass pickups, Fralin Pickups stands out as a testament to dedication, innovation, and exceptional quality. Their continued pursuit of the perfect tone has forever changed the musical landscape, and they show no signs of slowing down.

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