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G7th emerged from a design consultancy in the late '90s when the founder noticed a glaring problem: guitar capos were outdated and in dire need of a redesign. This realization sparked the beginning of a journey to revolutionize capo design. With years of hard work and perseverance, G7th launched the Performance Capo in 2004, which quickly gained critical acclaim, awards, and the admiration of renowned musicians.

As the company's focus shifted entirely to G7th, The Capo Company, they continued to innovate, launching the Nashville in 2007 and the Newport in 2011. Responding to customers' requests, they further refined their flagship product, releasing the Performance 2 capo—a smaller, sleeker version of the original.

Today, G7th is a thriving, family-run business with a dedicated team that includes the founder, his wife, and son, along with other passionate individuals. Their shared love for music, design, and innovation keeps G7th at the forefront of capo technology.

G7th has cemented its place in musical history by consistently delivering high-quality, award-winning capos that cater to the needs of guitarists worldwide. With a down-to-earth approach, G7th continues to develop better ways to hold down guitar strings, proving that a small idea can make a significant impact on the world of music.

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