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From a story of humble Brooklyn beginnings, Gretsch has expanded to become a worldwide brand for musical instruments. When German immigrant Friedrich Gretsch founded the Gretsch company in 1883, little did he know that his name would soon become synonymous with guitars, drums, ukuleles and the likes!

Gretsch was succeeded by Friedrich’s son, and as it rose in popularity, Gretsch Guitars was introduced in the 1930s. By 1939, Gretsch was the proud creator of its first electric guitar. Since then, Gretsch has taken the stage with its massive variety of electric, acoustic, resonator guitars and more.

After introducing its first solid body electric guitar, Gretsch went on to collaborate with popular guitarists including Chet Atkins, to create notable hollow body guitars and humbucking pickups. 

While working its guitar line, Gretsch simultaneously focused on its drums, releasing the prominent Broadkaster drum series in 1935. Gretsch drums became associated with the popular band Rolling Stones, as well as singer and songwriter Phill Collins.

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Explore the Gretsch Sound with our collection of Gretsch guitars for sale, along with Gretsch folk instruments, drums and accessories. You can also take a look at our used Gretsch Guitars.

If you’re inclined to electric guitars, then you can’t go wrong with the many Gretsch guitar options including the popular electromatic series and other vintage guitars. If you’re feeling more folksy, our Gretsch folk collection includes ukuleles, lap steels & resonators. The ever versatile Gretsch Renown 57 may be the perfect drum set for you if you’re looking to mix up your music style!

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