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Hohner, a brand with over 160 years of experience, has been synonymous with high-quality musical instruments since its founding in 1857. Located in Trossingen, Germany, Hohner established itself as a market leader in harmonicas and accordions, thanks to their dedication to quality and passion for music. This commitment has enabled musicians worldwide to immerse themselves in the joy and passion of creating music.

Hohner's rich history is intertwined with the evolution of various music genres. The brand's instruments have played significant roles in shaping the blues, folk music traditions, jazz, and even classical music. With a keen focus on development and innovation, Hohner continues to design new instruments and improve existing ones, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy music.

The company's success is built upon the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern production technology. Hohner's skilled staff in Trossingen continue to manufacture high-quality harmonicas and accordions for a global audience, while their in-house Research & Development department collaborates with leading musicians and teachers to maintain the highest quality standards.

Hohner's worldwide network of artists, coupled with their technical expertise and attention to customer needs, has allowed them to continually refine their craft. The longevity and quality of Hohner's instruments are a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to excellence in the world of music. Embrace the Hohner experience and discover the joy of creating music with their exceptional instruments.

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