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We're happy to carry Kauer guitars. If you're a guitar enthusiast seeking instruments that blend craftsmanship, creativity, and a touch of nostalgia, Kauer Guitars stands out as a boutique builder with a unique history. Founded by Doug Kauer in the late '00s, Kauer Guitars has grown from a personal hobby into a full-fledged business, offering players a unique experience with their three flagship models: the Banshee, the Starliner, and the Super Chief.

Doug Kauer's journey into guitar building started as a hobby in the early 2000s, but it wasn't until 2007 that Kauer Guitars officially became a full-time endeavor. Based in Sacramento, California, their entire range of guitars is meticulously crafted in their shop and despite being a boutique builder, Kauer manages to produce a noteworthy amount of high-quality guitars annually with a skilled team of five luthiers.

Kauer Guitars adheres to a simple philosophy – building instruments that the team themselves would want to play. The emphasis is on great weight, balance, tone, and playability. Doug Kauer's background, influenced by '60s muscle cars and '80s European cars, finds its way into the designs, very evidently. The result is a blend of '60s American aesthetics with modern twists, providing players with a unique visual and tonal experience.

Flagship Models: The Banshee, Starliner, and Super Chief

Banshee Deluxe Electric Guitar: One of Kauer's flagship models, the Banshee, exemplifies the offset design that Doug Kauer is passionate about. With a focus on creativity and departure from traditional Strat or Tele copies, the Banshee series combines vintage elements with modern enhancements. The Deluxe model, in particular, offers a high-end experience for players seeking clarity and meatiness in tone.

Starliner Express Electric Guitar: The Starliner series reflects Kauer's love for offset designs. The Starliner Express model, with its unique aesthetic, is a testament to the fusion of '60s American influence and modern elements. The guitars in this series are known for their clear voicing and a foundation that supports high-quality pickups.

Super Chief Electric Guitar: While not extensively detailed in the provided information, the Super Chief is another flagship model from Kauer Guitars. Given the brand's commitment to uniqueness and departure from the ordinary, one can expect the Super Chief to offer players an alternative and captivating playing experience.

Why Kauer?

Kauer Guitars aims for a clear voicing that supports high-quality pickups, providing a foundation for players to layer their sound with amps or pedals. The playability of these guitars is tailored to a specific standard, offering a low and clean setup from the factory. While setups are subjective, Kauer ensures that their guitars meet a high standard out of the box.

Looking to the Future

Doug Kauer envisions a strong future for boutique builders, emphasizing the endless creativity within the community. The flexibility of being a small company allows for experimentation and the introduction of new ideas without being confined to a specific formula. Kauer Guitars, with its commitment to innovation, uniqueness, and playability, is likely to remain a key player in the evolving landscape of boutique guitar builders.

In conclusion, for those seeking guitars that go beyond the ordinary, Kauer Guitars offers a blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and a touch of nostalgia, making each instrument a unique piece of playable art.

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