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More about Paiste

Paiste Cymbals have made a strong footing in rock, metal, and jazz music – but their story began in Russia in a small music retail and publishing business. Four Paistes have operated the company throughout the last 100+ years, and operation has taken place in six countries, with their legacy and family survived effects of World War II - after escaping to Germany from Poland after the war to set up another manufacturing facility there. Paiste's influence in music spans beyond classic and contemporary music to manufacturing world brass instruments, gongs, and symphonic cymbals.

Paiste On Stage

Many Paiste cymbals are known for being crisp and loud, making them an easy fit in the mix of rock, pop, and metal – with such endorsees including Stewart Copeland of the Police, John Dolmayan of System of a Down, and – perhaps most famously – Led Zeppelin's John Bonham. Tuned crotales, gongs, and symphonic cymbals are also available from the company. With a vast range of cymbals for drummers at at any age or skill level, all can be welcomed into the Paiste legacy.

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