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The PRS SE Silver Sky is a guitar crafted from focused intention and carries a considerable reputation. From its debut, the Silver Sky made itself known. The SE Silver Sky was crafted in a key collaboration between electric guitar legend Paul Reed Smith and multi-platinum selling artist John Mayer. Together, the two forged an instrument that carried all the essential elements of a vintage treasure and the cutting-edge features of a modern masterwork. No stone was left unturned in crafting this now indispensable instrument as PRS and Mayer worked closely to strike balances between classic influence and modern experimentation. Custom-designed single coil pickups, neck profiles, and headstock shapes all came together alongside high-quality PRS materials and hardware to culminate in an instrument unlike any other. Crafted with the modern musician in mind, the SE Silver Sky is fashioned to speak to any guitarist and inspire passionate playing for years to come.

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