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Ross Electronics, a name synonymous with innovative guitar gear since its inception, has consistently set the benchmark in the world of effect pedals. Originating as a groundbreaking entity in the electronics realm, Ross carved its legacy with a slew of original, signature pedals that were hailed by many as game-changers in their respective categories. Fast-forward to the present day, the company's dedication to superior sound and craftsmanship hasn't waned.

In a thrilling recent development, Ross Electronics collaborated with the renowned JHS to breathe new life into its iconic lineup. This powerful alliance has culminated in the unveiling of a revamped series of effect pedals, which not only retain the soul of their predecessors but also introduce innovative features catering to the modern guitarist. The collection showcases the Compressor, Fuzz, Phaser, Chorus, and Distortion pedals, each thoughtfully reimagined for the 21st-century musician.

Each circuit is based on the original, vintage models for that distinctive, authentic Ross flavor. This revamped series also has a couple tricks up its sleeve. Each pedal is graced with a more modernized additional mode selectable with the side button and offer musicians an expanded sonic palette, enabling them to explore and shape tones in ways previously not possible with vintage gear.

Harnessing the power of Ross Electronics' historic prowess and JHS's contemporary touch, this collection promises unparalleled quality. Whether you're a veteran musician familiar with the legendary Ross sound or a budding guitarist eager to dive into a world of sonic exploration, these pedals stand as a testament to innovation, collaboration, and pure musical passion.

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