Squier Sonic Series Guitars and Basses

Squier Sonic Series Guitars and Basses

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Squier's Sonic series is a perfect choice for entry-level players who want quality guitars at an affordable price. Don't let their smaller size fool you; the Sonic Series guitars pack a punch when it comes to tone. From smooth and soulful blues to cutting-edge rock tones, these guitars excel in versatility, allowing you to explore a wide range of musical genres and playing styles.

The collection includes the Precision Bass, Mustang Bass, Esquire H (with a single humbucker), Telecaster, and Stratocaster HT and Tremolo models, each with different pickup configurations to suit different playing styles. Here's a quick overview of the main lineup:

  • Sonic Stratocaster: The Squier Sonic Strat is the flagship model of the series, featuring a compact and lightweight body with a comfortable short-scale design. It retains the iconic double-cutaway shape of the classic Stratocaster, along with its versatile tonal capabilities.
  • Sonic Telecaster: The Squier Sonic Telecasters are a remarkable addition to the Squier Sonic Series lineup. These guitars combine the classic Telecaster design with the unique features of the Sonic Series. With a compact and lightweight body, they offer enhanced comfort and portability.
  • Sonic Precision Bass Guitar: These squier sonic bass guitars feature a compact and lightweight body design, along with a shorter scale length, providing enhanced comfort and playability. Equipped with a powerful split single-coil pickup, the Sonic Series Precision Bass guitars deliver a rich, fat, and punchy tone that is synonymous with the iconic Precision Bass sound. 
  • Sonic Mustang Bass Guitar: The Sonic Mustang models pay homage to the iconic Fender Mustang design, known for its distinctive offset body shape and unique tonal characteristics. With a shorter scale length and a compact body, the Sonic Mustang offers superb playability and a comfortable feel. The single-coil pickups deliver a punchy and dynamic tone, ideal for players seeking a vintage-inspired sound with a touch of retro charm.
  • Sonic Bronco Bass Guitar: Designed for bassists seeking a compact and comfortable instrument, these guitars offer a shorter scale length and a lightweight body. The Sonic Bronco Bass delivers a deep and punchy tone, thanks to its specially designed pickup and bass-optimized electronics. 

Available in a range of eye-catching colors, including Arctic White, Black, Tahitian coral, Flash Pink, Torino Red, Ultraviolet, and California Blue, the Sonic series offers plenty of options for those looking to make a statement on stage. 

For beginner players the Sonic series delivers great tone, exceptional playability, and style, while more seasoned players will not be disappointed in the quality and craftsmanship of the Squier Sonic series guitars and basses.

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