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The Taylor 800 Series is the flagship Taylor line and exemplifies the culture of innovation brought to every Taylor by Andy Powers and Bob Taylor. Made with a Spruce top and Rosewood back and sides, the 800 Series has the traditional pairing that is both versatile and standalone in its sweeping dynamic range. The Taylor 800 Series has been beautifully engineered from every aspect to give it the most optimized and perfected sound. The Top and Sides thickness is calibrated for each body shape to perfectly match their tonal qualities. Any place on an 800 series that transfers tone (vibrations) is connected with animal protein glues which help facilitate that transfer better than many synthetics. Even the polyester finish has been specially developed as thin as possible to deliver a premium sound.

Utility aside, the Taylor 800 Series is breathtakingly appointed with the finest Taylor Guitars aesthetic options. The bright spruce top is wonderfully offset by a figured maple binding with rosewood edge trim. The West African Ebony fretboard is accented by Mother of Pearl “Element” inlays along with a mother of pearl headstock inlay. And to top it off, the pickguard is made of a beautifully striped piece of Indian Rosewood. For an acoustic guitar that sits at the top of its class, both visually and sonically, there are few equaled options to the Taylor 800 Series.

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