Benson Stonk Box Fuzz Effect Pedal

Benson germanium fuzz based on Tone Bender MK1 with 2N404/2N527 transistors and Automatic Thermal Bias technology | Item ID: STONKBOX

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  • 60s Flavored Germanium Transistor Fuzz (2N404/2N527)
  • Automatic Thermal Bias for Tonal Consistency
  • Filter for Gain and Bias Point Control
  • Increased Volume vs Original


Type: Fuzz
Power Supply: 9V DC, Center Negative (Not Included)
Ins - Outs: 1 x 1/4" In, 1 x 1/4" Out
Stereo/Mono: Mono
Expression Out: No
Analog/Digital: Analog
Battery Connection: No

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