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Cole Clark FL2EC-BBSB Fat Lady 2 Bunya / Blackwood Satin Box

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Here we have a bold dreadnought built to amaze with a Bunya top, Australian Blackwood back and sides, and Satin Box fret board. The Bunya top is great for players who like to play with medium to hard intesity and like to amplify their guitars, think sitka spruce but way cooler. The Australian Blackwood back and sides is going to behave somewhat like Koa with great low mid punch but also offer up great high end definition. As with all of Cole Clark's guitars there is a strong emphisis on sustainability and a sense of enviornmental responsibility so you can feel good about playing your guitar. Built for performance, this guitar has Cole Clark's own 3 way pick up system? If you are a percussive player or a working musician who wants an easy way to get the mic'd up sound, this pick up system is for you. Stop by and see these beautifully unique, one of a kind guitars for yourself!