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Earthquaker Transmisser Resonant Reverberations



This product is no longer available from the Manufacturer

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Oh boy, another reverb pedal! Who doesn't think the world needs another option for a traditional reverb pedal? It's not like there are too many out there, right? The only wrinkle here is, that this one is different. This one doesn't do plate, it doesn't do hall, and it doesn't attempt to simulate the gorgeous chapels and high ceilings at the venues some of you call home. This is a reverb that will hopefully inspire all the "inside-the-box" players out there to maybe take a chance and do something a little different. This is a reverb that will will make all of you experimental "musicians" out there think "finally, someone thought about ME!" (Click here to read more)

This is brand new concept from folks at Earthquaker designed (and very well executed) to give everyone a brand new take on the seemingly over-done reverb. This is a modulated reverb that has the ability to add a lush layer of space and air under whatever it is you play. It has an extra long decay that feeds into a resonant filter. This resonant filter has a frequency control either by knob or expression pedal that really unlocks the vibe and magic of this device (imagine playing beautifully clean chords and with the turn of a knob, or rock of your foot having a swirl of wind breezing through giving those chords meaning and purpose). Couple this with the Warp knob which is responsible for the entire mood of the pedal. It controls the length, width, and warmth of the output signal. Additional knobs include Decay (length of reverb), Darkness (tone of the reverb), Rate (depth and speed of the modulation of the reverb, frequency, and darkness; it's also dependent on where the Warp knob is set), and Mix (duh).

Warning: This product contains a chemical(s) that is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to