Epiphone So Cal 50 Head - Used

Item ID: ISS3998

$ 319.00

Product Details

This So Cal 50 Head is in good condition, with some scratches on the tolex and the epiphone logo/badge is missing.

Epiphone launched the So-Cal head in the mid 2000s, and it gained popularity with hard rock and punk players who wanted a flexible, crunchy 50 watt amp at a workingman's price.

This amp features two channels sharing a 3-band EQ with global presence and reverb. The EQ has the option to be run either on an "Independent" or "Interactive" mode; the latter much like a Vox-style EQ. On the clean channel, interactive mode boosts the channel volume considerably.

Channel two has its own level, gain, and contour controls, allowing you to get a clean channel and clean EQ setting, then add gain and adjust the EQ on the dirty channel via contour.

The So-Cal 50 can be run at 4, 8, or 16 Ohms.