Farm Pedals Fumes Phase LFO Modulator Effect Pedal

Hand-painted and intuitive Farms Pedals phaser limited to 50 units with speed, intensity, and fumes knobs, one input, one output, and 9V power connectivity. | Item ID: 3FUM1

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  • Crystal-Clear, Intuitive Signal Modulation
  • Limited to 50 Units
  • Creates Sweeps or Subtle Vibrato Ripples
  • Speed, Intensity, and Fumes Knobs for Fine-Tuning
  • Handmade in Maine
  • Each Pedal Hand-Painted for Uniqueness
  • Industry-Standard 9V Power Connectivity
  • Input on Right, Output on Left
  • Comes with Farm's Preferred Setting list


Model: Fumes Phaser Pedal
Manufacturer: Farm Pedals
Handmade Location: Maine, USA
Type: Phaser
LFO: Low-Frequency Oscillator
Contols: Speed (S): Phaser Speed, Intensity (I): Shunting Intensity, Fumes (F): Shunting LFO Speed
Input Jack: R
Output Jack: L
Power Source: 9V Jack
Power Options: No Battery Option

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