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Fender 1969 Custom / Maverick - Sunburst - Used

Item ID: ISS5364


Someone fell in love with this one right before you did! New stuff arrives everyday so check back often.

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This Fender 1969 Custom is in good condition. It has some chips along the edge of the body and pitting on the bridge. The original trem bar is not included.

Assembled from the remnants of the Fender XII this unique six string was only available for one year from 1969 to 70 and less than 800 were made making this a rare piece. This early model has a maple capped peg head hiding the plugged holes needed for the 12-string XII that these guitars would have been and most of its parts date to 1966. 

Fender modified the body of the XII to create the completely unique shape of the Custom (later dubbed the Maverick). The electronic layout is identical to the XII with a wide variety of tone shaping capabilities. The split pickups can be used alone or together both in and out of phase. Fender removed and plugged the string-through bridge and added a mustang bridge to further how unique the Custom is.

The Custom or Maverick as it came to be called did not originally come standard with a case and this piece did not come with one. The original bridge cover is intact however the original trem bar was lost and comes with an aftermarket trem bar. Overall a very fun guitar and cool piece of Fender history.