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Fender Duo Sonic - Surf Pearl - Used

Item ID: ISS4982


Product Details

This Fender Duo Sonic is in excellent condition.

Fender Duo-Sonics began their life in the late '60s and early '70s considered as the student model Fender electric, but have developed an cult-like following in the world of offset/pawnshop guitars on the vintage market. Duo-Sonic reissues were introduced in 2016 after many years. This particular guitar is a Duo-Sonic HS, which features a house-made bridge humbucker instead of a single coil. It is a 24" scale, alder body, maple neck electric operated by a single volume and tone. Specific to this guitar is a rosewood fretboard. Fender guitars made in Mexico from 2017 onward feature Pau Ferro fingerboards, which have been used by Fender for a number of years. However, if you are a player that prefers the aesthetic of a darker fretboard, and wants a Do-Sonic, this guitar may be the way to go!